i-Pro360 has the most effective indicator products and tools in the industry as well as the most quantifiable setups you will find anywhere. We give you a wide variety of ways to look at the markets that will accommodate and enhance your individual trading plan.

Although some of these indicator’s names are familiar, each has its’ own unique characteristics to create a visual representation that gives you a different perspective on price analysis. Also, each indicator has its’ own personality, and Joe reviews the specifics and nuances of the i-Pro360 indicators every day in the i-Pro360 Private Trading Room.

i-Pro360 Complete Indicator Package

i-Pro360 Complete Indicator Package

Volume Trend

i-Pro360 Volume Trend Continuous

Vol Osc

i-Pro360 Volume Oscillator

Super Channel

i-Pro360 Super Channel


i-Pro360 OBV (Accumulation/Distribution)

I-pro360 Total Market Syncs

i-Pro360 Total Market Syncs

I-pro360 Tick Extreme PB (High Reading)

i-Pro360 Tick Extreme PB

I-pro360 Target Master Workspace

i-Pro360 Target Master Workspace

I-pro360 Slingshot

i-Pro360 Sling Shot

I-pro360 Pivot PB Break

i-Pro360 Pivot PB Break

I-pro360 Open Range Rotation Workspace

i-Pro360 Open Range Rotation Workspace

I-pro360 Mid Point

i-Pro360 Mid Point

I-pro360 EMA Angles

i-Pro360 EMA Angles

I-pro360 Loser Bucket Workspace

i-Pro360 Loser Bucket Workspace

I-pro360 EQ Vol 2

i-Pro360 EQ Vol

I-pro360 Balance Chart Workspace

i-Pro360 Balance Chart Workspace

Complete package of ALL i-Pro360 Indicators

Full Package Price $4999

If you are a current Quarterly member to the i-Pro360 Trading Room all upgrades and new indicators are free.

Price: $4,999.00

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i-Pro360 Market Balance Workspace

i-Pro360 Market Balance Workspace

The i-Pro360 Market Balance(Our Core Chart) References Key price levels as they develop throughout the day, Including: Globex High and Low, 1st Hr High and Low, Target Levels based on Globex High and Low, and 1st Hr High and Low. Shows Prior Day and Week High, Low, and Close.

Price: $1,195.00

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i-Pro360 Open Range Rotation Workspace

i-Pro360 Open Range Rotation Workspace

The i-Pro360 Open Range Rotation Workspace includes the Open Range Balance, High, Low, Avg, Prior Day High, Low, Close and Targets.

See also: Open Range Strategy (PDF)

Price: $1,195.00

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i-Pro360 Slingshot Workspace

i-Pro360 Slingshot Workspace

The i-Pro360 Slingshot represents a market that is over sold in an uptrend giving a trigger to buy, a market that is overbought in a downtrend giving a trigger to sell.



The i-Pro360 Slingshot is equipped with Auto Entry Triggers and Stops along with identifying if the market is in a Trend or Range. The workspace includes S&P, Nasdaq, and Dow.

Price: $3,595.00

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